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Cellulite, localised fat tissue reduction

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Arosha body wrap + Pressotherapy + Carboxytherapy

What is Arosha Body Wrap?


Arosha offers innovative body wraps dedicated to improving the appearance of cellulite, slimming, and firming the body, getting rid of water retention and fighting localised fat tissue.

The Arosha uses pre-packed treatments with disposables bandages.  The bandages are impregnated with a variety of quality ingredients to aid cellulite reduction, water retention, toning and moisturising, enabling the salon or spa to create a bespoke solution for each client. The pre-prepared and disposable bandages used in the treatments are highly hygienic and offer a fast and effective twist on traditional body wraps. 

Also, these novel wraps can be successfully combined with pressotherapy machine and electrotherapy treatments to enhance client results further.


Pressotherapy is a method used in treating lymphatic and cardiovascular systems as well as in aesthetic medicine, physiotherapy, and body care.

During the treatment, special cuffs with empty chambers are applied which are slowly filled with air. The air is injected into the chambers in a strictly controlled manner using a compressor that the device is equipped with, and it applies pressure to parts of the body pushing blood and lymph to the nearest lymph nodes.

Firstly, the chambers around the ankles are

filled, then the calves and then the filling continues upwards. This type of mechanical drainage enables thorough detoxification and removal of excess water from the body.


The treatment involves a subcutaneous or intracutaneous introduction of a small amount of medical carbon dioxide.

The treatment using medical CO2 is not harmful to our body and does not cause side effects. Carbon dioxide is naturally excreted from the body as the final gas exchange product of the body.

How does it work?

CO2 infusion leads to an increased flow of blood, oxygen and nutrients to the treated area. It also improves microcirculation and affects cell renewal. The skin’s response to the carbon dioxide injection is an inflammatory reaction, leading to increased stimulation of collagen production.

It is a safe and clinically proven method that works well with skin rejuvenation, cellulite, local fatty deposits, stretch marks, skin flabbiness, as well as shadows under the eyes, alopecia or even psoriasis.

Package 1:            4 treatments + 1 50% off  for £630
Package 2:            8 treatments + 1 FREE      for  £960